Advances in reconstruction algorithms for computed tomographyMS33

Computed tomography (CT), which uses x-rays to image object interiors from the outside, is an established imaging modality in medicine, invaluable for diagnosis and treatment. In recent years, CT has found applications in other fields as well, e.g. nondestructive testing of components in manufacturing, analysis of material microstructures using micro-CT. Such a diverse set of applications and reconstruction scenarios require specialized algorithms that can handle different conditions and configurations, such as, limited data or low dose reconstruction, high resolution from large-scale data, unconventional source-detector geometries. This minisymposium will showcase novel reconstruction approaches to address such challenges in CT. Examples will include iterative reconstruction algorithms, discrete tomography, customized regularization approaches.

3D reconstruction of human trabecular bone using sparse X-ray tomography
Zenith Purisha (University of Helsinki)
A nonsmooth approach for sparse dynamic tomography based on shearlets
Tatiana Bubba (University of Helsinki)
Algorithm-enabled multi-spectral X-ray tomography
Xiaochuan Pan (University of Chicago)
Evaluating tomographic reconstruction methods in applications
Sara Vecchio (IMS Giotto S.p.A., Bologna)
Fast iterative model based methods from reduced sampling in 3D X-rays CT
Elena Loli Piccolomini (Dept. Computer Science and Engineering, University of Bologna)
A Novel Convex Relaxation for Non-binary Discrete Tomography
Jan Kuske (Heidelberg University)
How microlocal analysis can inform algorithm development
Todd Quinto (Tufts University)
Iterative methods for spectral breast tomosynthesis
Germana Landi (University of Bologna)
Iterative reconstruction combining attenuation and Compton scattering for few-view X-ray tomography systems
Brian Tracey (Tufts University)
Learned iterative reconstruction for CT
Jonas Adler (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)
Limited-data x-ray CT for underwater pipeline inspection using shearlet-based regularization
Nicolai André Brogaard Riis (Technical University of Denmark)
Exploiting structural similarities in multi-energy tomographic reconstructions
Alexander Meaney (University of Helsinki)
On CT forward operator approximation and applications to limited data CT
Gaetano Zanghirati (University of Ferrara)
Preconditioning for spectral tomography
Yunyi Hu (Emory University)
Quasi-3D iterative reconstruction
Jan-Willem Buurlage (Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica)
AIR Tools II – a MATLAB toolbox of algebraic iterative reconstruction methods for CT
Jakob Jorgensen (University of Manchester)
Harbir Antil (George Mason University)
Gunay Dogan (Theiss Research, NIST)
Elena Loli Piccolomini (Dept. Computer Science and Engineering, University of Bologna)
Samuli Siltanen (University of Helsinki)
computed tomography