A Batch-Incremental Video Background Estimation Model Using Weighted Low-Rank Approximation of MatricesMS36

Principal component pursuit (PCP) is a state-of-the-art approach to background estimation problems. Due to their higher computational cost, PCP algorithms, such as robust principal component analysis (RPCA) and its variants, are not feasible in processing high definition videos. To avoid the curse of dimensionality in those algorithms, several methods have been proposed to solve the background estimation problem incrementally. We build a batch-incremental background estimation model by using a special weighted low-rank approximation of matrices. Through experiments with real and synthetic video sequences, we demonstrate that our model is superior to the existing state-of-the-art background estimation algorithms such as GRASTA, ReProCS, incPCP, and GFL.

This presentation is part of Minisymposium “MS36 - Computational Methods for Large-Scale Machine Learning in Imaging (2 parts)
organized by: Matthias Chung (Virginia Tech) , Lars Ruthotto (Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Emory University) .

Aritra Dutta (KAUST)
Peter Richtarik (KAUST and University of Edinburgh)
Xin Li (University of Central Florida)
computer vision, machine learning, numerical linear algebra