Efficient Signal Reconstruction for Optically Multiplexed ImagersMS60

To achieve a wide field of view without some of the disadvantages of conventional wide field of view systems, multiplexed imaging systems superimpose multiple images onto a common focal plane. Recovery of a wide field of view conventional image from these multiplexed measurements typically requires multiple frames. This implicitly assumes a static scene, effectively imposing a sampling rate requirement, which in turn makes real time performance challenging to achieve. This talk will describe work on reducing scene sampling requirements, relaxing the static scene assumption, and improving the computational complexity of image formation algorithms. Results will be shown in simulation and using an infrared wide field of view multiplexed sensor developed at MIT Lincoln Laboratory based on a novel division of aperture sensor architecture. Finally, we will highlight recent developments of optically multiplexed sensors at our laboratory and relate them to the problems we discussed.

This presentation is part of Minisymposium “MS60 - Computational and Compressive Imaging Technologies and Applications (3 parts)
organized by: Robert Muise (Lockheed Martin) , Richard Baraniuk (Rice University) .

Yaron Rachlin (MIT Lincoln Laboratory)