Detecting indefinite inclusions using the Complete Electrode ModelMS1

I will consider the detection of indefinite inclusions in electrical impedance tomography. Thus, there are both more and less conductive inhomogeneities, compared to a reference conductivity, and I seek to approximate the support of these inhomogeneities. I will use the Complete Electrode Model as an approximation to the exact monotonicity method in the continuum setting, and show that asymptotically, as noise and model errors decay, the exact outer shape of the inclusions is reconstructed.

This presentation is part of Minisymposium “MS1 - Inverse scattering and electrical impedance tomography (2 parts)
organized by: Nuutti Hyvönen (Aalto University) , Roland Griesmaier (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) .

Henrik Garde (Aalborg University)
Stratos Staboulis (Eniram Oy)
image reconstruction, inverse problems, partial differential equation models