Resnikoff's geometrical framework for the space of perceived colors and locality of visionMS27

In 1974, H. L. Resnkikoff published an inspiring paper about the use of differential geometry to study, among other things, the intrinsic shape of the space of perceived colors and the Riemannian metrics on it. The mathematical techniques that he used is shared with modern theories of theoretical physics, which are far from being a common background for scientists in color vision and processing. Due to this, Resnikoff’s paper remained unnoticed for decades. In this talk, some insights about how to update Resnikoff’s ideas will be given and discussed in relationship with a modern theory of color spaces.

This presentation is part of Minisymposium “MS27 - Color Imaging Meets Geometry
organized by: Gabriele Steidl (University of Kaiserslautern) , Edoardo Provenzi (Université de Bordeaux) .

Edoardo Provenzi (Université de Bordeaux)