Digital Affine Shear Filter Banks with 2-Layer Structure and Their Applications in Image/Video ProcessingMS41

This work introduces an affine shear tight frame with 2 layers of high-pass framelets. The frame is generated by two set of generators which are meat to cover the inner and outer layers of high-pass bands in order to capture edge and texture features respectively. A characterization is given of the frame being a tight frame. A low redundancy fast transform is implemented, and tested on image/video denoising and inpainting tasks.

This presentation is part of Minisymposium “MS41 - Framelets, Optimization, and Image Processing (3 parts)
organized by: Xiaosheng Zhuang (City University of Hong Kong) , Lixin Shen (Syracuse University) , Bin Han (University of Alberta) , Yan-Ran Li (Shenzhen Univeristy) .

Zhihua Che (City University of Hong Kong)
image reconstruction, image representation