Motion Consistent Video InpaintingMS26

We propose a fast and automatic inpainting technique that works under many challenging conditions such as moving camera, dynamic scenes or long occlusion.By using optical flow in many stages of the algorithm, our method has the capability of preserving the spatio-temporal coherency as well as reconstructing moving objects within a long temporal occlusion. It compares favorably with previous works while radically reducing the computation time.

This presentation is part of Minisymposium “MS26 - New trends in inpainting
organized by: Yann Gousseau (Telecom ParisTech) , Simon Masnou (Université Lyon 1) .

Le Thuc Trinh (Telecom ParisTech and University Lyon 2)
Andrés Almansa (MAP5 - CNRS - Université Paris Descartes)
computer graphics, image reconstruction, video completion, video inpainting, video reconstruction