Simulation of changes on optical coherence tomography data in healthy and in disease conditionsMS54

We present a methodology to assess cell level alterations on the human retina responsible for functional changes observable in the Optical Coherence Tomography data in healthy ageing and in disease conditions. The methodology is based in a multilayer Monte Carlo computational model of the human retina. The optical properties of each layer are obtained by solving the Maxwell's equations on representative domains of small regions of those layers, using a Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Method.

This presentation is part of Minisymposium “MS54 - Hybrid Approaches that Combine Deterministic and Statistical Regularization for Applied Inverse Problems (4 parts)
organized by: Cristiana Sebu (University of Malta) , Taufiquar Khan (Clemson University) .

Aderito Araujo (University of Coimbra)
inverse problems, optical imaging, optical scattering, partial differential equation models, retina