Full-wave form inversion for breast cancer detectionMS77

Ultrasound is gaining interest as an alternative for X-ray mammography. By measuring the acoustic wave field accurately, the opportunity arises to reconstruct speed of sound profiles inside the breast. These profiles are useful to differentiate between cancerous and healthy breast tissues. Reconstructing these profiles from the measured wave field is a non-linear inverse problem. In my presentation, I will show how full-wave nonlinear inversion can be used to obtain speed of sound profiles.

This presentation is part of Minisymposium “MS77 - Advances in Ultrasound Tomography (2 parts)
organized by: Jennifer Mueller (Colorado State University) , Raul Gonzalez Lima (Universidade de São Paulo) .

Koen W. A. van Dongen (TU Delft)
computed tomography, image reconstruction, integral equations for image analysis, inverse problems