Covering the Space of Tilts: Application to affine invariant image comparisonPP

We propose a mathematical method to analyze the numerous algorithms performing Image Matching by Affine Simulation (IMAS). To become affine invariant they apply a discrete set of affine transforms to the images, previous to the comparison of all images by a Scale Invariant Image Matching (SIIM), like SIFT. Obviously this multiplication of images to be compared increases the image matching complexity. Finally, we minimize complexity while gaining full practical affine invariance.

This is poster number 46 in Poster Session

Mariano Rodríguez Guerra (CMLA, École Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay)
affine invariance, affine simulation, asift, computer vision, image matching, image registration, local descriptors, mods, nonlinear optimization, scale invariance, sift, space of tilts, surf