High Resolution DEM Building with SAR Interferometry and High Resolution optical ImagePP

There have been many published articles describing Interferometry algorithms for DEM generation in different applications. The best uncertainty achieved in most of these articles is greater than $\pm 1m$ calculating the elevation. Enabling scientists to gain experience with new techniques at low cost. Synthetic aperture radar interferometry (InSAR) is an imaging technique for measuring the topography of a surface, its changes over time, and other changes in the detailed characteristics of the surface . To take a better DEM resolution, we propose our approach; it is to merge the results of the interferometry and segmentation of an optical high resolution image.

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Hadj Sahraoui Omar (Algerian Space Agency)
building high resolution, co-registration, dem building., hybridization, image reconstruction, image registration, image segmentation, insar interferometry, interferometric coherence