A Neuromathematical Model for Geometrical Optical IllusionsPP

Geometrical optical illusions have been object of many studies allowing to understand the behavior of low-level visual processing. They consist in situations in which the perceived geometrical properties of an object differ from those of the object in the visual stimulus. Starting from the geometrical model introduced by Citti and Sarti (JMIV, 2006), we provide a mathematical model and an algorithm which allows to interpret these phenomena and to qualitatively reproduce the perceived misperception.

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Benedetta Franceschiello (Fondation Asile des Aveugles, Centre hospitalier universitaire vaudois (LINE) )
Alessandro Sarti (CNRS - EHESS)
Giovanna Citti (Dept. Mathematics, University of Bologna)
geometrical optical illusions; neuromathematical model; visual cortex