CORVO: a software tool for computing volume of complex biological structures in medical images and videosCP4

We present CORVO (Computing Organoids’ VOlume in medical images), a tool for calculating the volume of complex time-changing 3D structure from medical images and/or videos. CORVO is equipped with an advanced statistical data processing method to distinguish noise from signal and to compare and analyze the time dynamics of 3D structures. We tested CORVO for the analysis of agonist-induced variation of rectal organoids volume.

This presentation is part of Contributed Presentation “CP4 - Contributed session 4

Paola Lecca (Department of Medicine, University of Verona)
Michela Lecca (Fondazione Bruno Kessler - Center for Information and Communication Technology)
Sara Caldrer (Department of Medicine, University of Verona)
Anna Baruzzi (Department of Medicine, University of Verona)
Claudio Sorio (Department of Medicine, University of Verona)
Paola Melotti (Centro Fibrosi Cistica Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Integrata Verona)
computer vision