Adaptive Truncated Total Least Squares for an Inverse Scattering Problem from Ultrasound TomographyCP3

In ultrasound tomography, we need to solve the inverse and the forward model to approximate a scattering function. This inverse scattering problem is constructed and solved using distorted Born iterative (DBI) method. Using the Born approximation (BA) as an initial guess, it solves three sub-problems, the most difficult of which is an inverse problem for the scattering function. Two truncated total least squares algorithms are considered for solving a regularized version of this inverse problem.

This presentation is part of Contributed Presentation “CP3 - Contributed session 3

Jesse Barlow (The Pennsylvania State University)
Anita Carevic' (University of Split)
Mohamed Almekkaway (The Pennsylvania State University)
Xingzhao Yun (The Pennsylvania State University)
Ivan Slapnicar (University of Split)
born iterative methods, image enhancement, image reconstruction, inverse problems, numerical linear algebra, truncated total least squares