Resampling Strategies in Medical ImagingCP4

PET-CT, PET-MR, or SPECT-CT allows simultaneous acquisition of functional and structural images which facilitates spatial localization of physiological processes to physical organs or ROIs. However, resolution is severely degraded by physical factors that compromise quantitative accuracy of functional parameters. The resolution and SNR could be boosted by utilizing complementary/correlated information from co-registered, high-resolution structural images. The high-resolution image is resampled to obtain voxel-wise correspondences. This work explores the impact of resampling strategies in medical imaging.

This presentation is part of Contributed Presentation “CP4 - Contributed session 4

Hassan Mohy-ud-Din (School of Science and Engineering, LUMS)
bayesian methods, computed tomography, image enhancement, image reconstruction, image representation, inverse problems, medical imaging, pet-ct, pet-mr, resampling, spect-ct, statistical inverse estimation methods