Reconstruction algorithms for sub-second X-ray tomographic microscopy of liquid water dynamics in polymer electrolyte fuel cellsPP

Sub-second X-ray tomographic microscopy (XTM) is an invaluable tool to investigate and improve water management in Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells (PEFC), so to push this key technology in decarbonized energy systems to the market. PEFC sensitivity to radiation and transient operation limits exposure time and frequency of angular data, challenging analytical reconstruction algorithms. We will discuss reconstruction quality improvements achieved with iterative reconstruction methods including time regularization, first time applied in sub-second XTM of PEFC.

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Minna Bührer (Paul Scherrer Institute)
Hong Xu (Paul Scherrer Institute)
Felix Buechi (Paul Scherrer Institute)
Jens Eller (Paul Scherrer Institute)
Marco Stampanoni (Paul Scherrer Institute and Institute of Biomedical Engineering, ETH Zürich)
Federica Marone (Paul Scherrer Institute)