The nonlinear diffusion filtering methods for geodetic measurementsPP

In the contribution, we will present an overview of the nonlinear diffusion filtering methods for the geodetic data on closed surfaces such as a sphere, ellipsoid and the Earth's surface. These methods allow adaptive fi ltering respecting main structures as edges, local extrema and other details important for a correct interpretation of geodetic data. Presented parabolic PDEs are numerically solved by the surface finite-volume method on the polyhedral closed surface created by planar triangles. In numerical experiments, we focus on a comparison of the results of filtering obtained by different diffusion methods. Experiments present nonlinear diffusion filtering of real geodetic measurements such a GOCE satellite data, satellite-only mean dynamic topography (MDT) and high-resolution altimetry-derived gravity data.

This is poster number 18 in Poster Session

Michal Kollár (Slovak University of Technology)
Karol Mikula (Slovak University of Technology)
Róbert Čunderlík (Slovak University of Technology)