Clarisse Mandridake

Surys group
Mrs. Clarisse Manjary Mandridake received her PhD in Image and Signal Processing from the University of Bordeaux I, France, for her works on bi-dimensional signal decomposition applied to classification of textured images, working in Laboratoire Automatique Productique et Traitement du Signal, and in close connection with ARIANA Project in INRIA Sophia-Antipolis. She joined the research team of Advestigo for her postdoc year in 2002. As a researcher at Advestigo and later at Hologram Industries (now renamed SURYS), she developed technologies for the representation, indexation and search of images and videos in large scale databases. She is now in charge of the coordination of the research project for the SURYS digital labs and animates the scientist partnerships with University labs. Her expertise covers Applied Mathematics, image characterization, fingerprinting and authentication on various physical supports, from ID documents to smartlabels. More recently, her area of interest is to contribute to technological innovation for use by poor countries or developing countries in order to help them put in place what is called "good governance". It is a sine qua non Condition for any future economic development.
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